• Fascination for Photography

    From the beginning photography was always my main passion, It started for my eyes only; what was a decade ago leisure activity. Matured throughout the years to become an addiction.

    Meanwhile I was constantly working on my skills, exploring anything related to the art of photography and I bound it with my role as Regional Head of TV production.

    I opened my eyes (my first camera) in Zgharta, a town in North of Lebanon, among kind and merry people. A simple childhood where I had the chance to play with mud, sleep in tents and climb unspoiled mountains. Later I developed a penchant for refined food and cigars, while keeping a habit I had as a child; collecting matches. Each tells a different story.

    I hunt snapshots, and grab my camera always ready to seize that captivating unique millisecond. Any instant I capture, I seize it with my instinct.

    Photography Awards that I have won so far:

    FOODELIA Food Photography Awards
    & PORTRAIT Photo Awards 

     Foodelia Award Winner Logo       Portrait Award Winner